Sport Fishing

Captain Lee Neel, with 30+ years sports-fishing experience in Kodiak Island area waters, originally operated “On the Cape Charters” in Kodiak prior to building Big Timber Lodge.  Lee pilot’s a newly built 30’ landing craft designed for your comfort and safety. The cabin provides comfortable seats and is heated. It is equipped with two powerful 200-horse power Suzuki engines, which gets you on the fishing grounds quickly. Explore more about our fishing here... 

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing opportunities are exceptional in this area. Every day is an opportunity for sightings of Sitka black-tail deer, Humpback, Fin and Orca whales, Fox, Sea otters, Land otters, Kodiak brown bear, Marmot, Bald eagles, Puffins, and other numerous bird species. Perhaps you are interested in sight-seeing tours? We can design any excursion you can dream up! Explore more about our wildlife here... 


Lee maintains his “Transporter’s License” for hunters in the fall.  Be advised, certain permits will need to be applied for, so we need to know what you have in mind prior to arriving at our lodge.

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